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... repeat again - HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2017!



Hey!, it's Monday 09 01 2014

So... I still check in quite often, just still not writing anything! Sigh... Whatever. Still bored, too. Adios.


Hey, it's Sunday 09 01 2013

So... I guess I was lying a little bit regarding the last post - the one dated 9/25 two thousand ELEVEN!  Good grief!  Well, the top part is still actually true. I log in quite often. I've simply chosen not to post what I write. Sigh... But then, it's also true that I'd like to start posting. I just don't. Whatever. Again, I'm bored now. Adios.


Wearing a Ring (Subtitle: Mm! for being gone so long!)

Been entering posts, just not publishing the posts. Like you care.
I decided that, as the final quarter of the year approaches, I wanted to get back to posting. Sorta. I'll probably STILL not tell anyone about this post. I have a reason, but don't feel like sharing right now. Oh, no, my mood is good. Upbeat. Yeah, I'm just sort of in a hurry for one thing, and a second thing is... as it usually goes, despite serious URGES to write, I get ADHD or ADD and almost physically can't finish writing the thoughts I have.
But today, today, the REAL TITLE OF THIS POST is more about wearing a ring. Some time in 2009, I had to take a ring off. Why? Why do you think? Because I had put on weight and the dern thing was too tight!
I miss wearing my ring. It has always been a "background" motivation to lose weight and wear the ring again. Sigh... I'm not like, super overweight, but some changes took place in late '08/early'09 and additional weight ended up on my body. Yeah. I know, right?
But anyway, I eyeball the ring nearly every day. And truth be told, I've lost some of that weight that I gained, but not enough for the ring to fit comfortably, like it used to. But today being September 25, 2011 - again, very near the start of the 4th quarter - I thought, let's put the ring on! Let's be uncomfortable in wearing it - even leading to near panic attacks at the idea of it being stuck on my finger! Let's wear the bloody ring!
So I am. The ring is on my finger. My motivation is on my mind! Let's DO it! Soon as I finish these dang Skittles!

Maya T. Wynn
Sun. 9.25.2011

NOTE: Ring in question is featured in 9.30.2008 "Random So Cal" pic!


Language Barrier

So, I like listening to the human voice, right? And that means I listen a lot to how people speak and pronounce words. (My peeve is ASK, which is constantly being pronounced as if it was spelled AKS. I'll come back to that one day. Anyway, another common incorrect pronunciation I hear is SCR for words that begin with STR, like street. People like to say "screet". And so, here's my joke from like, a gazillion years ago:
What's the definition of "indiscreet"? It's where you stand when you want to be hit by a car!


2008 Was GREAT! 2009 will be FINE!

Coming to you from the "upstate" of South Carolina. Got nothing to say, which has been the case for quite a while. I mean, PLENTY has happened, of course, like O-Ba-Ma, but everyone has spoken on that and there was nothing new or profound to add.

Anyway, as the heading says, 2008 was great, and all will be fine in 2009.

Try on some tolerance and patience this year. Throw in some integrity (which kind of means behave at all times- even when you think no one is looking), and let's just see what happens!


And then??

Hey - I've had a whole bunch of fun and wacky thoughts since the last post, but I haven't managed time properly, so... ya ain't gonna see any of those thoughts! In fact, most of them have become unimportant. As has been the chant lately, I just wanted to have some more words posted here for August.



Levels of Cleanliness

I guess it might seem I have an issue with cleanliness, since there is an earlier post about not littering.

Yes, well, anyway. My unenlightened self is known to use references such as "that pig", "that fat pig" or "that nasty, fat pig". I would be refering to my neighbor's girlfriend who puts her nasty fat pig aura all over our apartments - mine and her boyfriend's. Our front doors practically touch, so it's easy for what they do outside to permeate into or onto my "space."

So, as I drove up and parked my car earlier today and saw her wiping down her glistening new, black something-or-other car, it just struck me how she values cleanliness in one area, but not in ALL areas. What I mean is, she goes through the motions of sweeping things OUT of her boyfriend's apartment and more or less, ONTO my side of the sidewalk that leads to each of our apartments. (And yes, sadly, my unenlightened self continues to miff at her remarkable inability to pick up the trash that misses her dust pan, or bag or whatever instrument she's pretending to try and sweep the trash into.) So in a nutshell, I'm saying, not a speck of dust can land on that new black car. She sees it, screams about it and works hard to keep it off her car. If only she had that level of care and concern towards the REAL TRASH! The outside of our apartments would look nice and clean and my unenlightened self would probably refer to her as a "fat pig" a few times less in a given day than I usually do!

And now, my unenlightened self wants to review:
1. Physical shape and outer appearance of nasty fat pig girlfriend of neighbor vs. outer appearance of new black car = "That fat pig" cares more about her damn car than she does herself or apparently, other people. And that, my friends, is... unfortunate. (In my opinion.)

Thank you very much.
L. Thierry Geaux


Willie Makeit and Betty Wont

Just wanted to scribble something in cyber space before the clock struck midnight. This way, I can claim a July 2008 entry.




Hi friends!

No message this time. Just didn't like the fact that it's been two solid months since a post was entered, but as things go - an idea just came to mind. So, it IS June 19th and today is known as Juneteenth - to some people. That is, some people are very familiar with the date's significance, while others never even heard of Juneteenth. I've gotta tell ya, it's really in recent years that I became aware of Juneteenth. Well, that's not a totally accurate statement.

I've heard of Juneteenth, but never knew it was actually celebrated by anyone. Yeah, it's a big deal in Texas and supposedly a few states here and there observe it as a holiday. Oh, what is Juneteenth? Juneteenth is - and I quote - Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. - end of quote. You can go here to learn more: http://www.juneteenth.com/

And that's it. I'm tired. I'm done. Despite that I logged on just to say "hi" I've still managed to dispense some knowledge. Alright!

P.S. Some T-shirts are advertised on that site mentioned above, but you can also help support THIS blog site (Mindjabber) - and a friend of mine, by going to http://www.cafepress.com/freakentstore.12782090 and purchasing that Juneteenth T-shirt! We have a couple of Tees and we wear them proudly! Join us!


Do you really want me...

We've got a guaranteed way to ensure you achieve your goal(s). Stop wanting to achieve them. That's right, eliminate the want.

Eliminating the want. Very easy procedure. No, really. Take it from us, who wanted BIG things, many things, and who seemed never quite to achieve them... But along the way, this idea fell upon us and we're sharing it. Here’s how to eliminate the want. Just stop saying the word. Stop saying you "want to" do something. When you stop saying you "want to", you will actually DO that which you "want" to do.

Here, let us give you a visual:
I want to go to the store. Eliminate the want, it becomes I want to go to the store.
'I want to earn a million dollars' becomes I want to earn a million dollars.
'I want to be a millionaire' becomes I want to be a millionaire. (Maybe the grammar’s not so perfect, but when you be something, you are something.) You get the drift, right?

So now you’re probably doing that dangerous thing – thinking (see the previous post by Guest Writer) and in your thoughts, you’ve included that life-threatening word (see the previous post by Guest Writer) and you’ve possibly said something to yourself like, "Well, it’s easy to say I earn a million dollars, but I’m still not earning it!" And if that’s what your reaction is to eliminating the want, then we strongly suggest that you RE-READ the previous entry and eliminate the BUT from your thinking. WithOUT the BUT and withOUT the WANT, you HAVE. Period.

When you eliminate the "want" and the "but", mysteriously and amazingly, you become filled with an energy that propels you toward finding ways to manifest that action-oriented description of what you do and what you be.

We're done. You're welcome.

Footnote: Thinking is not DIScouraged. L. Thierry Geaux and I (Maya T. Wynn) are simply suggesting that you not overdo it to the point where you think away BRILLIANCE!


I was thinking of one thing, but then... by Guest Writer

Thinking is probably the most dangerous activity in which I engage. And "but..." is perhaps the most life-threatening word in my vocabulary. The word "but..." is like a verbal eraser.



Hmm. There is so much going on in my head at the moment, I don't know where to start. Plus, I'm on a computer in a library, and my time is about to run out, so that puts pressure on the ol' noggin.

Noggin. That's a funny word, isn't it?

Is this enough of an entry for you to care?

Remember when libraries used to be quiet? Now with computers and e-mail and cell phones and ignorance becoming as common as a cold, the respect for quiet in a library - the ones I visited lately - is about as rare as steak tar-tar. I know, my analogies are wack! but, whatever!

Hmm... alright, my time's up. MindJabber...


The Logic (and Quality) of Outsourcing

I once worked at a transcription house. No, not one of those medical transcribing places. This was one of those you hear about when you're watching TV. We transcribed TV shows and movies and things like that. Occasionally there was something non-entertainment related.

Okay, basically? Our product was the English language. We typed conversations and other audio that was spoken in English. So when the company I worked for decided to outsource... to another country... to another country where English was not exactly the number one language... to a country where American colloquialisms (slang) was/were not commonly known -- uh, because it was another country...

Here's an example of some of the work that started being produced after the outsourcing brilliancy. Red type is what the outsourced staff came up with; black type is what was actually said. (These are just partial phrases or a few words, but enough to get the idea of what this beloved country - I'm sorry - company thinks is a good idea.)

wants it = won't sit
one of them = one novel
would be depending = would opinion
her mind was good enough = her man was good enough
I just see it, of course, as a one-sided thing = I just see a voice as a one-sided thing

Now, the truth is, with the rapidity of which people under about the age of, say... 35, speak, no wonder these outsourced typists couldn't understand what was said the first time they listened to any dialogue. So I can "side" with them in that sense. Ah, "sense" being the key word - because most of the atrocious errors that were made - and allowed to be delivered to clients - just didn't make sense! The outsourcers didn't even try to make sense out of their transcribed work.

And that's the end of this story!


Liberal Speech in America

Happened upon this link here: http://freedombrothers.blogspot.com/ I hope you limit your visits to ONCE, although it’s almost necessary to see what hatred its creator is spewing. At least, for me, it seems full of intolerance and hatred. So that got my mind jabbering, of course.

I find it extremely interesting that (usually) certain white Americans seem so quick to spit upon and want to outright KILL anyone who seems to embrace "liberal" thinking. I mean, (usually) certain white Americans have pretty much made the word "liberal" basically something profane. And I’ve thought, well, maybe I don’t know what the word "liberal" really means. So I looked it up. Turns out, yeah, I pretty much had the correct meaning for it. (Now’s a good time to confirm for yourself: http://www.m-w.com/.)

And so, that leaves me wondering, what in the world is SO hideously wrong with being generous and broadminded and the opposite of stingy? Why is that wrong?

I’m not trying to make this a political thing. Seriously. I just want to know. But, if you don’t mind, please participate in the poll and let me know if you think liberalism is a good thing, or a bad thing. That’s all. You can vote anonymously, and I promise you will NOT be disenfranchised. Your vote WILL count!

If you want to make a comment, please feel FREE to do so!

P.S. Votes are held at the bottom of this blog page.